Well I tried this on a whim. It's listed as not working due to relying too much on touch controls but this game also controls via usb mouse as well. Personally I side loaded this from qoo app, though I imagine side loading from google play would work as well. Reason I've done this is that there are some key differences between what we get in english as opposed to what they get in Japan. Some of the daily playable events are different among a few other little things. I personally have both versions. One on my phone and now the japanese version, which I'm trying out.

A few notes about it:

1. The game seems to run a little slow when loading animation appears. Sometimes even during battles.

2. Google play version of the game is untested, though I'm imagining results won't be much different if anyone side loads via google play store.

3. Games art style is pixely in japanese version with numbers and letters during battle if you go with that one. Other versions depending where you are may be smoothed.