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    [Android TV/Forge] Space Jammers

    In the spirit of new games to play, I thought I'd try posting this...

    Space Jammers is a 1-4 player Co-Op, Top Down, Bullet Hell, Glitch, SHMUP, Rogue-Like, with Online Community Achievements, Unlockables, some persistent elements, weapon crafting and randomly generated levels, bosses, and items. It is a mash-up of several games: Gauntlet/Smash TV and Asteroids/Galaga. Up to four players can play together on one screen, dodging bullets in slow motion.

    You play as a band of alien kitten pirates on a music tour. While traveling across the galaxy, your crew stops to raid a ship when they disturb an ancient capsule and are transported to another dimension.

    Stay alive long enough to reach the next exit before it closes forever. Will the next portal take you home or some hostile reality filled with deadly fast food products? Grab your ammo and some friends then dive down the rabbit hole with the Space Jammers!

    • Windows 10 and below, Mac OSX, Linux, Android TV
    • Playable with Keyboard/Mouse and Xbox Controllers
    • Playable on Android TV devices with controller ONLY! This game is NOT playable on touch devices!

    • Top Down Shooting and SHMUP play styles
    • Single screen co-op multiplayer (1-4)
    • Revive your fallen comrades, the action never stops!
    • Each character has unique skills
    • Bullet Time
    • Random Level Generation
    • Assortment of weapons, items and skills
    • Level up Skills to gain powerful abilities
    • Randomly generated items grant unique effects to play style
    • Interchangeable weapons and bullet power-ups
    • Randomly generated Bosse
    • Endless play
    • Keyboard/Mouse and XBox Controller Support

    There is a demo up for all versions - including Android TV (and having played it I can see it is coming along nicely

    The page with the demos and more info is right here:
    And you can find the dev on twitter here:
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    Thank you! I will have to try this when I get back from Vacation. *Demo Downloaded*
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    Downloaded it to the Forge and it plays nice. I wonder if it works on OUYA? Anyone who wants to try?
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    I tested it on ouya does not work!
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    Update 0.355 went live this weekend... Get it now!

    Change list:

    - Mouse controls have been GREATLY improved. Much smoother camera movement now. Cursor can also move anywhere on screen instead of being limited to a radius around the player.

    - Added gamepad vibration when hit.

    - When playing co-op, each player can drop out from the pause menu.

    - Minor improvements to lasers and effects.

    - Added flashing heart above player head to indicate low health.

    - Changes to level generation so lighting is not too overblown.

    - Each levels' random ruleset is displayed at the top of the screen.

    - Players will no longer collide with each other.

    - Removed flicker from CRT shader.
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    Forgot to post this! New update available

    Update v0.359
    This one includes lots of new effects and optimizations to old effects so the game should run even smoother. Two player skills have also been modified and the level lighting has again been evened out.


    -Optimized effects, with many new ones added
    -Explosive items now spawn in more places
    -Minor bug fixes and edits to UI
    -Big explosions spawn debris that can damage enemies
    -More pre-made rooms added to procedural generation list
    -Level lights have been edited to prevent blown out lighting
    -Botch's skill changed to spotlight in front that pushes enemies/bolts away
    -Toad's skill changed to spawn zombies that seek and blow up nearby enemies
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    Man this looks like what I was hoping for for a while. Good couch coop not dependant on having more players and accessible to my friends that come over.

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    Version 0.385 is up and out now on Gamejolt:

    It's still awesome and have confirmed multiplayer works with both serval and ouya controllers... so you have no excuse not to blow stuff up
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    NICE! this game seems like a must for our little console!
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