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    Toy Time Transforms MakeToys' Pandinus, $400 Worth Of Third-Party Scorponok

    In 1987 Hasbro released a stocky green and purple robot that transformed into a mechanical scorpion and a Decepticon Fortress. Nearly 30 years later, third-party Transformers crafters MakeToys releases a much cooler take on Scorponok.First off I must thank my friends over at Toy Dojo for lending me their production sample of MakeToys CityBot series MCB-03, Pandinus. Third-party Transformers are a passion of mine, but they are a very expensive passion. After spending more than $400 on another MakeToys creationand purchasing GCreation’s ridiculously huge Shuraking Dinobotcombiner piece by piece as it’s released (one more to go!), my budget for third-party bots is pretty much shot for life.

    And secondly, I have nothing but love for the original Scorponok, though he wasn’t my cup of tea back in the day. “Transforming into an animal?” thought 14-year-old me. “How lame!” One day 30-year-old me is going to go back in time and bury that stupid kid with his Beast Wars collection.
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    Pandinus is a little busy for my tastes, but he's definitely the coolest 3P Scorpy I've seen. I especially like how they made the claws optional for robot mode.
    (Of course the price tag means I'll never have one)
    OUYA console to become doorstop when store server shuts down. But since it seems to be safe so far, we just need a place to collect new (and updated?) OUYA titles.
    Have you made your game sideload-able for OUYA hardware? Put it on, then let me know and i'll add it to a collection we can all link to.


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