Ok I'm confirming another game works on ouya, and this time it's Dead Effect 2. Completely functions with the controller, and intro level can be played. However..........Either it's me or whatever, but once you play the intro level the game will throw you back to the title screen, and want you to log in via one of 3 methods, which is facebook, Google +, or email which I assume is any email address you have, but none of the options seem to work. They either time out, or my home network connection isn't being found by the game, which I don't understand since all my devices say my connection is good or better.

Now I'm not trying to say the game won't work at all beyond the intro level for anyone who tries this, cause it might be isolated to me for now, but now everyone knows the game does work, but are aware of this potential issue.

Update: Seems you have to be rather persistent with the log in options. Eventually they work after a number of tries.