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    Quote Originally Posted by Killswitch View Post
    Pretty sure in game artist #1 is dead. I kicked the corpse.
    I lol'd

    But for real though, thats good news that things are starting to move (or starting to start to move) again and look forward to future updates and what you do with it
    "When I'm sad, I stop being sad and be awesome instead!"- Barney Stinson

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    Starting to start to move might be a good description. Unfortunately life happens and people need to handle things or whatever. I hope I don't have to kick any more corpses...

    But to add to that comment I made in the will probably be something like if you bought it on OUYA/Forge then you get one of your choice on other systems/consoles/PC or whatever which will be priced higher.

    There are other features I'm thinking of adding but need to get things settled on the art side too so might be a while. I hope not but not finding what I want for characters.

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    I really want to say "I can help with that!" but I know I don't have the time...
    OUYA console to become doorstop when store server shuts down. But since it seems to be safe so far, we just need a place to collect new (and updated?) OUYA titles.
    Have you made your game sideload-able for OUYA hardware? Put it on, then let me know and i'll add it to a collection we can all link to.

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    Has anybody got footage of the game in later levels? Specifically, I'm looking for the character I voice, Hunter I believe. I would like to use it in a demo reel. - Updated 1/10/2016
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