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    Ouyan gets minecraft pocket edition fully working!

    Hi Ouya forum users! I was searching on youtube, ways to get minecraft pocket edition fully working and it looks a Brasilian Youtuber got the game working just fine!

    Link to video:

    What you guys think?

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    Inebriated Staff Ninja DrunkPunk's Avatar
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    Very cool. Too bad we didn't get a true port of it when the OUYA was in it's hey-day.
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    I think I tried it once myself and couldn't get the controls to work. Works without a hitch on the Forge, though. Except it doesn't show up in the menus...unless you have Nostalgia you'll have to dig into the Android Apps list to launch it.
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    Nice to know xAD! and true that DP

    I wanna try and get this working, would Amazon fork work?
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    Download from the description of youtube video, thats works for me. But in menus has too much sensibility.


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