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    My 1st Game codename Shape Shooter 3D.

    Hi Guys / Girls.

    I have been working for a few months on my first game which is going to be a simplistic , hopefully fun, pick up and play 1st person shooter, I had started a thread on the official ouya developers forum but this one seems to have a lot more traffic so I am going to migrate my blogish thread to this forum :) please have a look at the project and leave your feedback, bearing in mind that it is nowhere near finished.

    Currently working on the HUD, primarily the health bar at the minute, when that is sorted I shall post another progress video.

    Here is the latest Video I have as a taster.

    Cheers :)
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    That forum is mainly developers. If you want to talk about the games then you found the right place. Welcome to the asylum.

    Posting a link to that forum is not going to help. Most people won't even click the link.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Killswitch View Post
    That forum is mainly developers. If you want to talk about the games then you found the right place. Welcome to the asylum.

    Posting a link to that forum is not going to help. Most people won't even click the link.
    Thanks Killswitch, I have added a video to the post as well, hopefully that should help .

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    Welcome to the forum, looking so far so good.
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    Looking solid, collision detection seems good too, interested to see how this pans out, will you be added a gun gfx too?
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    Cheers guys, collision detection is a simple radius test at the moment, that video makes it look better than it actually is there will be a gun graphic eventually, it will be a simple style like the rest of the game though.

    I have been trying to get the hud up and working but my head is hurting from trying to think in 3D space might have a break and look at menus and settings screens to take a break from it.

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    Nice, and welcome to the forum as well.

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    So it has been a long time since I have worked on this but I have finally started again, Between now and the last update I have been doing a lot of opengl but have decided to keep the simplistic style that I originally had.

    This additional opengl knowledge has however allowed me to add a feature which I had in mind from the very beginning, which was side by side 3D option, there are still issues with the depth buffers and currently both sides show the same image so when combined will appear exactly as before but, once I have quaternion mathematics implemented I will be able to easily offset each side image and get a cool 3D view.


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    So the depth issue I was having is due to a lack of support for depth attachments to fbos in the ouya hardware looks like that is back to the drawing board.

    currently working on implementing a quaternion class. then it's back to the health bar graphic.

    Does anyone know if the new razer hardware supports depth buffers in fbos? if so I may just move to this new hardware.

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    Holy crap! This reminds me of Faceball. Love the look.

    Your best bet would be to contact Tim Graupmann over at Razer/OUYA to find out about the buffers. He's a wizard.
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