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    Quote Originally Posted by Outlander999 View Post
    Cute sounds

    Do you think you can realize a "3D" hockey ball?
    A sphere, or maybe a circular disc, not flat but with a "height"?

    IMHO it could have a better representation with that
    If you pay attention, the disc is in 3D yet... it just lacks a shadowing to make it more apparent. Anyway really cute game lol, first time i've saw it i remembered that penguin-kun wars game from MSX (called Animal Wars in western). Keep the good work dude.


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    Yea, the shading is currently turned off for the disc(there is not even shading not to mention shadows).
    I should fix that soon.

    Thanks for the support!

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    FOH is available on OUYA as am alpha.
    It is suppose to be a paid app, but I am not sure that has gone through...

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