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    Cutesy Field Hockey Game.

    (The name is not final... but...)

    I am working on a field Hockey game for iOS/Android/OUYA.
    Well I already have the code to port to several Android platforms so it's not like it's a hassle to port to OUYA.
    I am just not sure that by the time I finish this game OUYA will still exist. XD

    Anyway, it's a fairly simple yet fun game.
    The gameplay is kind of like ping pong(not pong) where you swing to either side(well not realistic for Hockey since the bat is not symmetric, but I chose to do it this way...).

    The focus is on multiplayer, either local or online. Maybe there will also be AI.
    I want to make it as polished as I could possible make it.

    Here is the screenshot to give you an idea:


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    Testing new "dizzy" mechanics:

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    The game now available on Google Play as an "Alpha".
    The game's title is "Flat Out Hockey"
    Also a new SlideDB page.

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    You could use this game as primmer for your stun and also look, because it has a similar view.
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    Yea, thanks, that game looks awesome!

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    I have improved Practice Mode AI.
    I am also working on a new character.
    I think I will bring the game to OUYA next(as an alpha).
    It is already available on Google Play.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PompiPompi View Post
    I think I will bring the game to OUYA next(as an alpha).
    Good idea.

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    Made character selection and improved AI.
    Also uploaded a build for OUYA to review.

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    I think this is cute XD

    (Home made sounds, 0 budget)

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    Cute sounds

    Do you think you can realize a "3D" hockey ball?
    A sphere, or maybe a circular disc, not flat but with a "height"?

    IMHO it could have a better representation with that
    If you don't try, you'll never know.


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