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    Best match results/in-apps solution for Android/Amazon/OUYA(?)

    I am working on a sports game for Android and iOS.
    I would like to have support for registered accounts so people will be able to play against each other online in matches or tournaments.
    So I would like to have match results, win/lose records for registered users and maybe some in apps with hats or whatever for the sports players in-game.

    I guess it's not realistic to have something like this cross iOS/Android so I guess for iOS I will just use GameCenter.
    What kind I use for Google Play/Android/Amazon or OUYA(relevant by now?) that will apply yo all of them with just a single API?(And will be able to do what I require)

    A bit confused from all the options...

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    OUYA Developer Jayenkai's Avatar
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    Each option has pluses and negatives.
    The best suggestion would be Google. They're not exactly going anywhere, any time soon, so the server *should* still be there in future.
    GooglePlay has its own ecosystem, but then OUYA players can't access it.

    The best option, in my view, is to make your own. It's going to be complicated, and thwart with security dangers, but if it's yours, on your server, then theoretically any and all versions of your game(s) should be able to access it.
    Also, because it's your server, any downtime will be your own issue, and not a case of "that company just broke my game.."

    But it's a long road to get it all working.
    ... Good luck with whatever it is you choose.
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    +1 for what Jayenkai said,

    If it is just a leaderboard and things like then, then I would host it myself, nothing some PHP/MySQL could not do for you. Pair that with a decent hosting service and you'll be fine. This could also allow ALL your users to participate, instead of segregating ecosystems. I don't think it would be very dangerous, though you would want some limits and what not to ensure the submitted scores are real and things of that nature.

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    Hmm... bottom line I think the custom solution is not that good.
    You didn't take into account things like... with a custom solution the user needs yet another registration+passwords.
    Using the most popular solution the user is most likely already logged in to the service the first time he runs your game.
    Another thing a server might be cheap but it's not cheaper than free and it would also have an overhead.
    I am not in a position to spend any more money on my games anyway.

    The solution I decide to take is GameCircle for Android devices and GameCenter for iOS.
    OUYA will probably have to wait for a solution and it won't have ranked matches since they don't allow to use Amazon services in OUYA even if it works(which is kind of a self defeating amibition to not allow other services into OUYA market).

    The way I will implement it with GameCircle and GameCenter is by heaving a leaderboard for wins, a leaderboard for loses and a sum leaderboards(2x for wins -1x for loses).
    Hmm I might want to implement a "games in progress" leaderboard as well.
    So something along those lines.
    I would also like to track who you played against though.

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    OUYA Developer Eldon.McGuinness's Avatar
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    Well of course you would need some kind of a user/pass, though an alternative might be to have the user pick a username and then generate a unique ID on the server the first time they connect. Then display that ID to them and tell them to keep it if they want to share the account with other devices, or if you want to get slick ask them for an email address and email it to them.

    This way you can be sure there is only one user per username AND they can use that user on any device as long as they have that unique id you generated. It all comes down to how much you want to use other people's work. I still think the home spun server would be better, that is just me though.

    It is worth noting that you could really generate two unique ids one for login and one for identification in matches, this would make it easy and secure to track who battled/challenged/whatever someone else with out passing that secret key over and over.
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