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    Forum Format

    With the purchase of Ouya have any of you Admins considered changing the format of the forum slightly to include other devices ? I have read comments so many times from members on the forum wishing that there was a forum like this for other Android gaming micro-consoles. Xda forum is great but it is targeted at Mods. To me this would attract new members to the forum and hopefully help gain support for Ouyas new role as a game Publisher and the great Indie Developers on the platform. I would be willing to donate funds if it incurred the need for additional funds.

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    I think it's important to see how the Razer thing pans out, and whether OUYA Everywhere is still a thing over the next year or so, or whether Razer keeps OUYA for themselves. That'd help decide on the fate of the site.
    Does it continue to stick with "just whatever OUYA is" or will the site need to cater for all kinds of devices?
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    Guess I have to answer this again.

    As with any new development, until it develops, there is nothing to add. We have already been discussing potential changes. Like when the Forge deal is announced, there will probably be a reason for at least one change which is adding some Razer content but besides that there is nothing at the present time that isn't covered.

    As far as other consoles go, we do have general gaming towards the bottom of the forum. People are more than welcome to talk about other things and do. I'm in those sections almost everyday reading and posting.


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