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Thread: OUYA Reviews

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    OUYA Reviews

    Hello Everyone!

    We are a new YouTube gaming channel called Gamer Complainers where we keep it real with gaming through complaining. We have segment on our channel dedicated to reviewing OUYA games. Check out the reviews here :

    If developers or players have any suggestions or requests then please let us know! Please take a look at our channel and leave any feedback (constructive or otherwise!) :

    Thanks for reading and hope to hear from any other OUYA fans! Play on Playas!

    -Gamer Complainers

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    Inebriated Staff Ninja DrunkPunk's Avatar
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    Cool beans. I'l have to check these out.

    Welcome to the forum!
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    Thanks DrunkPunk!!

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    OUYAForum Devotee Warzard's Avatar
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    Welcome to the forum.

    Nice video!
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    It's a great idea. I think you must continue your Youtube channel.

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