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    Yes! If you don't already own this game, then buy it the second it comes out. This is a true piece of art.
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    I bought this once for my girlfriend (who loves point and click and quirky games). I paid for the special edition with a huge box and extra everything and instead I got the cheap DVD-case sales version. We returned it but never got the other version so... We're still missing out! I guess this is a sign we should give up on the fancy extras and just play the game. )
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    This is a beautiful game, and I am delighted to see that it is coming to OUYA

    I wonder if this means we might be getting Botanicula as well?

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    I'm really excited about this one... awww yeahhh

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    I remeber see this a long time ago and never got to play it, big ups to the developers for bringing it over to OUYA! Now I can play it, and on my couch no less!

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