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View Poll Results: Should Ouya get rid of the touchpad for the Ouya 2?

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    Yes and no,but I cant decide which.They have ipega controllers that have touchpads that work pretty well on Ouya too. At least the ones I tried. I like it cause some of those games with the menus need the touchpad/mouse to move/close/etc etc.
    I have mouses, but I dont really have like a desk or anything for my mouse(Use a laptop) and if I use the mouse with the Ouya I have to hold the mouse and mousepad in my lap which I find a little harder to use/navigate with then just having the touchpad right there.So its one of them yes and no factors for me, I cant decide which but I think its okay. Maybe they can take in these suggestions and improve upon it if Ouya 2 comes out. Or they can ditch it.I tend to like it more so then not just for the fact its a little easier
    for me to just touch the touchpad,then break out a mouse and mousepad and use it comfortably.I dont have a desk like that where my Ouyas at so thats kinda why I like the touchpad.

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    I haven't ran a bluetooth lag test on a old 0x103 ouya controller with the mouse cable ejected. Perhaps I should try that on my media-center Ouya and see what happens. Not sure if it can be disabled so easily or if the SoC controls joystick and mouse HiD which if that's the case it would be no use removing the mouse-pad if it's going to always be there regardless.

    The touchpad is useful for things such as web-browsing and dealing with the occasional side-loaded game that is %90 joystick functional but just needs to hit a start menu button to continue. If touchpad support is no longer in the next generation of bluetooth chip-set whitepapers then I'd vote a huge yes because a lack of mouse-pad may remedy the problem with occasional lag as bandwidth issue could be a failing factor. I don't know how I feel about the MadCatz method of toggle-switches to switch between mouse-stick mode and joystick mode.

    Essentially touch-pad is the fail-safe device of the Ouya. And I can see it from Ouya's POV where they wanted a controller that looked streamlined. Perhaps they made it a little TOO streamlined where you cannot feel where your finger is at the end of the track-pad leaving the player wondering why the mouse isn't moving on a webpage. It sounds nitpicky I know. But I'm not usually looking at my controller, I'm looking at my monitor/TV.

    Perhaps Ouya was expecting developers to utilize the touch-pad more for games in the style of Angry Birds or even something like mini-golf or pool where speed is not the element of the game, but instead its all about accuracy as a mouse can move pixel by pixel where-as a analog joystick is not as elegant about it. Side-loading the quake series showed me that like a PC game the android OS can have the mouse icon removed at will and used for in-game action.

    So I think the pad minimally helps but doesn't really hurt either. If anything the Ouya controller needs is two more buttons, and they can be considerably smaller then the O,U,Y,A, buttons. Just "start" and "select" as cheesy as that sounds. There's a few android games that map to those two extra buttons out there and it would make emulation feel a little more natural instead of mapping to the analog stick push buttons.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rhellik View Post
    As I recall the only game truly utilising the touchpad inside the game is Saturday morning RPG, where you have to scratch off stickers before battles for bonuses. That would be awkward with the mouse mode thingie. But other than that? Only lazy developers.
    When I play Saturday Morning RPG I just spin the analog stick really fast for the stickers. It is easier than the touchpad and isn't awkward at all. It feels identical to reeling in a fish in iFishing 3. So, it isn't even needed in that game.

    Anyway, to my understanding it is for making porting easier, for sideloading, navigating the OS, using the browser, etc. So, I think it or an equivalent should still exist. However, I don't think it should be used for gameplay unless the equivalent it is replaced with is a trackball because that would be sweet. Anyway, I rather see more things added like a paddle knob instead of things removed. I want an all in one super controller with even a sensor of some kind on the side so that you can hold the controller sideways to use it as a light gun. I'm also starting to warm up to the idea of a second screen/touch screen because I really want a handheld OUYA for when Mrs. Phretard is sleeping. And a headphone jack on the controller! And I want all that for $20.

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    I think the touch pad, in its current form, should go. If it gets revised then maybe. I love the touch pad on my Dual Shock 4 (for the PS4), that thing is extremely responsive, have a button function and even two of them depending on where on the surface I press. It's a great example of a touch pad done right in a controller.
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    Using the pad for menus is gone as of some date in the future, I have to check the email. Pad will not be able to be used in games. Mi and I assume whatever Alibaba has planned won't have touchpads. I'd say OUYA 2 also but let's not even open that can of worms, though I guess this thread is kind of headed in that direction. If I had a guess, I'd say it won't be on an O2 controller either.

    I can't even think of one thing I used the pad for.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Killswitch View Post
    Using the pad for menus is gone as of some date in the future, I have to check the email.
    This one?:

    Changes specific to OE Support:

    Required for all premium Xiaomi games: Games must either have a button to buy the game on the main menu or games must request to purchase the full game entitlement once a certain point in game has been reached.

    Required: No touchpad elements featured in menus and gameplay — meaning that you should be able to navigate menus with the DPad or thumbstick.

    Required: OE version is the same as OUYA version and not a generic Android version — we want to make sure the experience is the same for gamers across all OUYA-supported partner devices.

    Required: No mobile elements present — “Touch the Screen” just doesn’t seem right on a TV…
    I'm a little confused on how it is OUYA Everywhere specific though because of this line,"OE version is the same as OUYA version". If the OUYA Everywhere version has those requirements and it is the same version put on the OUYA itself then that isn't OUYA Everywhere specific. Maybe it means if it is just on the OUYA then they aren't requirements but if it is put on OUYA Everywhere it is a requirement for both? I guess that works and is probably what they meant but it still seems like they should have said,"Hey devs, OUYA Everywhere or not, get the mobile touch crap out of your games! Pretty please. Thanks. Love you. XOXO."

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    I need the touchpad. There is a reason PS4 added a touchpad and it wasn't because they were jealous of Ouya's pimpestry. Mouse mode connected to a stick sounds like bullshit I don't want to deal with and there is no way it would be as accurate as a touch pad (coming from someone who has used mouses from lazer to ball to optical to even trackballs and 3D mice as well as the little nubs they had on old business class PC's.) Leave my touchpad alone or I burns you. I need the touchpad to do android stuff on my android console.

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    Well ladies and gentlemen , we have a battle on our hands here. It's a tied competition, which contender will rise and be victorious , or shall it be a double knockout

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    Yes, it should be, but only if they implement a similar system to the MOJO, as other have stated.
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