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    The Killswitch Report: Elliot Quest

    Elliot Quest by Anismuz. Elliot Quest is an 8 bit style adventure game with RPG elements, that is heavily influenced by classics like Adventure of Link, Battle of Olympus and Kid Icarus. Those are not the only games that are part of the homage to games of old. There’s also elements of Super Mario Bros, Metroid, Legend of Zelda and probably a few others I left out. I even had to go toe to toe with my enemy from 30 years ago, that bastard Wizrob.

    Elliot is a young boy who is on a mysterious quest through Urele Island, on a search for an ancient demon. Elliot may not be able to die but he is running out of time. Elliot has a rare curse, which if not cured, will turn him into a demon.

    Right from the beginning you can feel the old school essence of the game. You're dropped in a forest with no idea what to do or where to go. You can go left, you can go right but the game isn't holding your hand in any way, you just have to start walking and blaze your own trail.

    You’re equipped with a bow and arrow which is not something you see in a lot of games anymore. Besides Kid Icarus, you’d be hard pressed to think up another game that uses arrows in this fashion. Don’t worry, you won’t have the same nightmares that Kid Icarus gave some of us when we were younger…you get a new set of nightmares all to yourself.

    The weapon selection will make you feel nostalgic. Obviously you can run, jump and shoot but there is an item for a double jump, one where you can stomp on enemies, different types of arrows and more. When you get these items it feels like a real accomplishment in this game because you truly need them to get to certain areas. You will have to circle back with these new items to find heart containers, keys, maps, chests with gold and other items.

    On top of that you have a mini RPG like leveling system. You get experience from your kills like a regular RPG game and when you hit you next level, you get a point to use for Accuracy, Wisdom, etc. These are vital to survival as you move on. It’s not hard to level up but there are some choices you should probably pick before others. Some even give you double heart pickups, longer range, etc.

    The look of the game is one that I was not sure what to expect at first. When you hear pixels these days, it’s usually someone making it to get their game out and claim its “retro”. Well Anismuz did something that isn’t truly retro in terms of the technical way of doing pixels but looks like it would have fit into that period of time. It’s a bigger pixel style than most of the games from the 80s but not quite a 16 bit look.

    The enemies are mostly classic Nintendo enemies from games I’ve mentioned with some new ones mixed in. I shocked to see Tektites in the game. But you have Wizrobs, Darknut, a knight that attacks and throws axes like Bowser in Super Mario Bros., bats and others who will give you flashbacks. Now don’t go thinking they are the same exact enemy because they aren’t but you will recognize them from your childhood. He did a great job getting their patterns down and updating them a bit.

    It’s definitely easy to get lost in this game. Holy crap did I want to throw my controller sometimes. Here is where I have my only issue with the game. The map isn’t the easiest to navigate and I don’t mean moving around but actually finding where to go. This will leave you circling back a lot and some areas can not be bypassed. In this game there are 5 dungeons and 16 bosses plus treasure to be had, think of this part more like Metroid. You have to walk along edges and things like that to get to certain areas. Think of it as using the bombs in Legend of Zelda where you had to bomb until you found the right spot. In Elliot Quest, the places you need to go are not marked on the map. You have caves which are obvious but other places are not so obvious. Each location is different and you will need different items to get by. (If someone made a guide they could sell it like Nintendo used to with the Zelda games.)

    The music and the atmosphere of this game are great. When I first saw the crowdfund campaign, I couldn’t stop from going back and looping the music. You have areas where you have triumphant music and others where it’s atmospheric like in the desert where you hear the wind howling. One or two of the tracks will sound familiar if you listen closely. Some of the sound effects too will sound very familiar. There’s even an area where it’s storming and there are thunder flashes. This game is well crafted and definitely a nice little nod to it’s predecessors.

    By the way, the game also has multiple endings so you can try it again to achieve the other ending., there is a game+ option.

    Anismuz definitely put time and effort into this game, you can see it in the art style, the music and everything else. If this game was out back when the NES was still poppin, it would be a hit, not that it isn’t now. If it wasn’t for that one flaw being the mapping, I’d probably give the game a 5 but unfortunately I have to give Elliot a 4. Still a very strong effort and can’t wait for more from Anismuz.


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