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    Fire for Your Life

    Fire for Your Life looks like it's coming very soon

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    Well I'm looking forward to this at least!

    Anyone want to try this out? The nice peeps @amoraleite sent me this link for the beta version and asked me to share it!
    So please play it and give them plenty of feedbacks!

    And I quote: "Have fun! But you will need more friends is a multiplayer game!"
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    Hi Guys!

    Thank you very much for this thread!

    I would like invite you to play for free our new game. Is in beta stage and for now we need feedbacks!
    Very soon this game is available on OUYA! Very SOON!

    We are finished the last tasks and killing the BUGS!
    Well if you like a nice battle! This game is for you!!!

    If you like to know we have many things on this game! like turrets, mines, shields... 5 mode of game! capture the flag, protect your base... More to came!

    Here is the official invite:

    Follow us in the facebook.
    we will be scheduling more matches!

    Just join!
    Or access the link:

    "Have fun! But you will need more friends is a multiplayer game!"

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    Checking out tomorrow : D

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    NES joystick?


    News guys!

    FIRE play with the original control of the NES? Yes, it is possible! Thanks to the adapters sold on this site:
    Just plug the adapter and playing our retro game!

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    Hi guys! I would like to show the intro video! General Sprite.

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    I really like the music too!
    "For a time I consider sparing your retched little planet. Now witness it's dismemberment!"- Unicron

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    Hi Guys!

    I would like to show the video teaser for the FIRE for your life! Almost ready!

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