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    Echoes+ - binary zoo

    Looks like Echoes+ is coming to discover and is free!
    You can watch the gameplay on this video:

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    Inebriated Staff Ninja DrunkPunk's Avatar
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    Mar 2013
    Looks pretty intense. Good addition to the SHMUP category.
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    I talked with the binary zoo about the release and they are waiting the game being aproved in QA, if gets aproved, is going to be ported this week or next week.

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    OUYA Developer Eldon.McGuinness's Avatar
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    Oct 2013
    Approved by QA then ported? That seems a little backwards.

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    and I just bought Geometry Wars 3 two days ago. Online leaderboards is cool. I don't think Ballistic had them, but still fun.

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    I talked to him last summer about bringing his games over, but I guess David beat me to the punch on this thread. Online leaderboards and things like that are a positive in the community since we don't have access to something like that yet. But it also gets people playing and trying to beat each other, etc. keeping them connected in some way.

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    From the video, it seems REALLY well made.

    Sadly that kind of gameplay (a room, with you moving in circle) is too boring for my taste.
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    All we need now is Radiangames to finish porting all his titles from Google Play, Geometry Wars, & Beat Hazard Ultra before I'm satisfied.


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