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    Quote Originally Posted by Masterchafe View Post
    Oh yeah it can be played offline! I got help from Tim Graupmann to check receipts offline and unplugged my router to test it out before I uploaded it to the store
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    WOW this is will be one of the biggest giveways made on the Ouyaforum!
    If i won the code, will invite all my friends to play this game with me! (i hope the Non-Ouya controllers work in this game)

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    Man do I want this game. The Canabalt stage alone reeks of "cool ideas!"
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    Hell yeah I'd like a copy of this game :-)

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    I'm a backer and I'll get a Steam code, but here I'll try to win an OUYA copy.
    Maybe then I'll gift it to someone
    If you don't try, you'll never know.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RiotingSpectre View Post
    I'll enter, but if I win then I'll donate the code to someone else.
    if you do you can give it to me for my's sunday
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    SWK looks like it could be one of the OUYA classics.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Killswitch View Post
    Seems like people are coming out of every hole in the floor to enter this contest.
    I'm entering in through the wall.

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    I was really interested in this game when I saw it in the store It seems like a nice throwback to Super Mario Kart, but upgraded to fit in a new generation.
    Count me in

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