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    Shmupball (working title) - OMGWTFGAMES !1!!

    Greetings humans,

    Here's something I prototyped late last year - a competitive local multiplayer thing designed with OUYA in mind.
    I think it's already quite playable and doesn't appear to have any showstopper bugs - it's just far from feature complete (weapons, specials, modes, alternative 'tracks', yadda yadda).
    So I'm looking for early feedback to let the community help shape the direction of 'Shmupball'.
    Some (or all) of the graphics are essentially placeholders - personally I prefer abstract graphics, but I'd like to make it prettier (maybe even give it an actual non-abstract theme).
    No promises that it will even go anywhere beyond this prototype ... but if people are liking it that will give me some motivation to expand it.

    Two player only for the moment. I intend to support at least four in later version (associated UI just needs to be built), and a single player time-attack mode.

    Gameplay and goals
    • Fire bullets or your tractor beam to push/pull the ball over the target corresponding to your colour.
    • Avoid collecting your opponents colour !
    • Move your ship around the track to direct your fire.
    • Collect mines with your tractor beam to stymie your opponent.
    • Be first to score 10 points.

    • Left stick - move ship in direction of stick
    • Left/right trigger - alternative movement controls - move ship clockwise/anti-clockwise around the track
    • O - fire bullets
    • A - fire tractor beam
    • Y - drop mine

    XBox360 etc controllers should work too.

    A few questions

    1. Which movement control scheme do you prefer (left stick or triggers) ?

    Note that with the left stick controls you must push in the direction of the track. If you push perpendicular to the track the ship won't move.
    This gives the left stick controls a nice circular rhythm as you go around the track, but can seem broken the first time you try it.

    2. What you you find fun ? What do you find frustrating ?

    3. Do you think the music fits this style of game ?

    4. Did you discover any strategies or interesting techniques to beat your opponent ? Where the mines useful (underpowered/overpowered) ?

    Bonus question: Can you name one OUYA game with online multiplayer where there are currently other players online (other than maybe Bombsquad) ?

    Any & all feedback appreciated.

    Electricity sound, based on "Jacobs Ladder" (CC-BY) by DJ Chronos.
    Music by Drozerix.

    Download APK here, grab a friend and get sideloadin'
    Andrew Perry -- I made Def (also Golden Scarab, other stuff).

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    Sweet! I'll test this out when I get a chance.
    DrnkPnk says, "Obey The Beard!"
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    Melbourne, Australia

    So, anyone try this yet ? Don't make me come to your house and make you playtest dammit !
    Andrew Perry -- I made Def (also Golden Scarab, other stuff).

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    1. Left stick.

    2. Fun – just the bullet spamming to push things. More bullets! Frustrating - how the bullets moved with the track instead of with assist like twin-stick shooter action. When I first played I was a little disoriented by the bullets moving in just the direction. Also some feedback as to when the electrical is ready would be nice.

    3. Music is good, no complaints here.

    4. If my target is close to the edge of the board it’s super easy to just activate electrical and slam to the opposite side for an easy point.

    Bonus = I can't name many but here goes!

    Meltdown – I just checked there is 3 server active. not as crazy as it used to be but there's still the occasional people playing.
    Field of Battle – Welcome to IAP hell. But there is people!
    Open Arena – I admit this is a stretch. Bringing a controller into that game is like bringing a spoon into a gun-fight.

    And in my opinion I cannot qualify bombsquad as ‘online multiplayer’ as you cannot simply go into a lobby and have people join your game. Yes it has the ability to ‘host’ a game provided that you know the IP to go to. And sure the leaderboards are real-time but is that really the same thing as online multii-player? I can't say yes to that.

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    Thanks for checking it out and providing some useful feedback @sconfig. I'll take this into account for the next iteration of development.

    RE: the strategy of dragging the ball to roll around the edge of the track or flicking it to the opposite side - it's a good technique & I'm happy you discovered it independently. One thing I may need to do is make the target placement symmetrical (or at least with balanced distances from the track across the set given) so that no player gets an advantage by having more targets near an edge by chance.

    RE: Multiplayer - interesting to hear that there are a couple of active multiplayer games. I hadn't discovered these, and I'm always dismayed when I fire up Neon Shadow or Order & Chaos to find a ghost town. My guess is that Meltdown and Fields of Battle manage to maintain a player population by virtue of being multiplatform (and unlike Order & Chaos, didn't inexplicably segregate OUYA players onto their own server !).

    Cheers !
    Andrew Perry -- I made Def (also Golden Scarab, other stuff).


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