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    The Killswitch Report: Sine Mora by Digital Reality

    Sine Mora by Digital Reality

    Sine Mora is a 2.5D SHMUP put out by Digital Reality. At first glance, the game is a beautiful looking SHMUP but what's under the hood? Let's check it out.

    Well you don't even need to pop the hood to check out the candy coated paintjob on this one. The graphics in this game it can not be ignored. This game is beautiful, it should have been one of the games that OUYA showcased even though it was on other platforms. This game really shows what the OUYA can do on the graphical end. It really is a stunning looking game. Do you get it yet? Enough hyperbole? You just don't see this level of detail in SHMUPs anymore. Remember the days of the Saturn and Dreamcast? This game will remind you of those from that time period. If a game was only rated on the graphics it's a 5/5 already.

    Let's move into the interior of this one. Plush leather seats? Check. Navigation system? Check. The game hits all it's marks visually and is even light on the eyes for those with color issues, my eyes didn't burn at all and those of you with the issue will know exactly what I mean. You have over and under water combat, canyon missions and even caves. All are just as beautiful as the next.

    The bosses are like the aftermarket lights on this thing. The car already looks good but you want to give it that extra pop. The big behemoths look unbeatable at first but of course they have their weak points. When they come on the screen they're big and bold, their name pops up on the screen like you're being introduced to your death. Try to save your special weapons for these beasts and they get harder and harder as you move along. You have to hit them from all sides as they rotate and twist around to get a better shot at destroying you.

    Some people have had slow down with the graphics and there is a setting for that. I have not experienced this at all so it might just be their internet connections.

    Every guy wants his bass to thump and the sound is up to par in this game, even the cinematics sound like actual intercom chatter between the planes. You have wind sounds, water noises, every detail was taken into account. Even in the menus and selection screens you have music and sound effects going on.

    NOW, let's pop the hood on this one. Nice looking engine we have here, smooth acceleration. This game is just smooth as butter in terms of gameplay. I did not find one glitch in gameplay mechanics but there is something that may bother some people which is the cinematics. They're like that special oil blend they con you into buying yet it doesn't do much for your engine. This is one of the things that kind of turned me off to most modern games, the way the cinematics are part of the stage and kind of slow you down when you're in a all out SHMUP rage and ready to kill any bastard who gets in your way. Kill some enemies, here comes cinematics, kill some more, more cinematics. This is the only drawback I see in this game if it's something you don't like, otherwise it's nicely done and tells a decent little story.

    As for additional accessories. The achievements are hard as hell but there are only 12. They're the fuzzy dice that people used to hang on their mirrors but you can live without it. That's what these are but if you're a hunter then they will certainly keep you coming back for more.

    Also when you beat bosses, they go into a training mode where you can practice on them. If you noticed at the end of the stages you're graded and there are penalties. I never worried about this part because it's a beast. It's hard as hell to hit those high marks and get the achievements. But more power to you if you can do it, seriously. Big homie got your back, waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay back.

    Something else that gets left out a lot. This game has 2 endings but you have to beat both modes. Advice on that, save those continues.

    This game is no hoopty, Sine Mora is a Bugatti Veyron and deserves a look. I'm giving Sine Mora a 5 out of 5 shuriken rating.

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    I love this game. All points hit in the review.
    I get stuck on the boss with the wrecking ball, but I don't mind restarting the game anyway - the opening levels look like something out of a Gibli cartoon.
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