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    Quote Originally Posted by Pat1986 View Post
    And yes: do NOT update. the game wont work anymore.
    I looked for it Wednesday night, there was no update for my OUYA available anyway, so it still works. Funny though, the description text was in fact updated. I guess it's a database thing...
    So many games, so little time...

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    I have seen that issue several times on my Forge. I have to uninstall and reinstall my games to get the updates, which is quite annoying, especially because you can't really know if you need to do that, because you won't know when there is an update.

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    Any way to back peddle to the previous version at all?

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    If you have the .apk it should work. Not sure how to get that for a specific version though. You can check the OUYA wiki, or maybe even contact the developer.


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