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    Super Indie Karts Beta - One Legged Seagull

    This thread is for the discussion of Super Indie Karts Beta. Note to the developers, if you wish to take ownership of this thread, please let me know.

    Super Indie Karts is a classic retro 16-bit style karting game, with Time Trials, Grand Prix, and Battle Modes!

    The game was KickStarted in 2014, as part of OUYA's Free the Games Fund, and is aimed for completion in June 2015. You don't have to wait until then though as you can join in now with Early Access to the Super Indie Karts BETA builds! The BETA currently features over 20 characters and 12 tracks to play in Grand Prix mode. More play modes, characters, and features will be added as the weeks till release drift on by.

    More info on the final game:

    Play with a mix of original oddball animal characters, and some super Indie Game crossover characters, around the world in iconic locations or in some super Indie Game themed tracks!

    Indie Crossovers include:
    - Whispering Willows - Fist Of Awesome - Read Only Memories - Lobodestroyo - Canabalt - Duck Game - So Many Me - Toto Temple Deluxe - Aegis Defenders - Adventures Of Pip - Gentlemen Ricochet - A.R.E.S. - Holobunnies - Clive'N'Wrench - and many more to come!

    With over 40 tracks to race on, in 3 speed classes, plus mirror mode, there's plenty of achievements and unlocks to keep you drifting till there's no more pixel rubber to burn. Super Indie Karts!

    Racin-Games, creator of Sirenium ~ Forever After ~ .. come check us out here!
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    Grand total $29.99

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    eh no lol. I was really excited for this, but i'm not paying $30!
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    I imagine that the price will drop when it gets out of the beta section. It certainly seems like a cut above the rest of the OUYA's library in regards to quality.

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    Downloading now...

    It has very responsive controls, a great art style, and fun gameplay. It is by far the most complete and fun kart game on the OUYA - past and present.

    A limited Grand Prix mode is the only part of the game currently available. It has three speed classes, twenty-four characters, and twelve distinct tracks. This is enough for me to be excited about the future of this game.

    If you are down with the cause and want to support the effort and future of the game (and can afford it) - pay the $30. If you are expecting a $30 game while still in beta, you will be disappointed. I do believe the game's regular price will be lower, but I'm basing that on the fact that you can go to their website and contribute with the lowest contribution being $10 which affords you a digital copy of the game when it is released.

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    I was excited until I saw the price. Hope that's not final. It's not that it's not worth it, looks like a fun game but one of the biggest strenghts of indie games always is, that they're not so darn expensive.

    Hell, I only buy AAA games when they're at least 50% off ^^

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    That is not the final price. That is the price of the Beta Early Access, which matches the amount the kickstarter backers paid for the same access. Similar to Neverending Nightmares, the price will lower for the final release of the game. Backer vouchers went out to a bunch today, so you will probably see more feedback here in the short term.

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    I saw this last night and thought hmmm maybe if it was a little cheaper. I do want high quality fully featured games on the Ouya but a beta is always a risk. I'll probably get it when its released. Looks very cool.

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    I backed this.
    I'm happy to see it's going to be a great game.
    Actually I think when the game will be out, I'll ask for a Steam code, instead of an OUYA code.
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    I backed this too. I'm waiting for my code right now. Great fun ahead.


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