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    Origin Free Games

    I'm unsure if they offer free games bi-weekly or monthly, but currently Theme Hospital is free.

    You only have to download Origin when you're ready to install the game; you can add it to your library with only creating an account.

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    They have free games on a regular basis, yes. They give away some amazing titles once in a while so it's worth keeping an eye on for sure!
    Play like Starfighter (currently featuring 150 great OUYA titles, 40 of which are completely free)
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    Already Got Divinity Original Sin and Sims 2 ultimate edition (sorry for thsoe of you who missed it but this game is $200usd) and a few others. I suggest anyone who likes free stuff get on that. : D

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    Just saying HAHAHA

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    Whoa, I always joked about EA having ties to Hell but this is something else, Mind Blown! I will have to make sure to read those 'terms of services' thoroughly next time.

    Just for anyojne who hasn't seen this yer:

    Ok, looks like this months Origin free game is Syndicate:

    Once again, you don't have to download Origin right now if you don't have it but you must make an account to add it to your library.
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    Here is Command & Conquer 2 for free on Origin.

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    Looks like Jade Empire Special Edition is the current free game.

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    If anyone else nostalgically remembers this title, Origin's free game this month is Dungeon Keeper.

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    <Batman> Going to pitch So Many Steve to Extend. Filo with different hairstyles for each of the 27 Steves we have


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