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    OUYA Controller Teardown

    For some reason I feel stupidly obligated to mention this next part.


    I take no responsibility for personal injury or property damages if YOU decide to follow these steps.

    Unless you know what you’re doing, NEVER open up a device that you are not already prepared to throw away.

    As long as you’re patient and careful you shouldn't have a problem.

    Always test the keys with Controller Quest first, there is a free version but always try to support OUYA developers when possible.

    Remove Battery covers and Batteries

    While you have the battery plate off look between the cracks and corners to see if you notice any objects obstructing the L1 & R1 bumper. Also, check to make sure the plastic lip on the far sides of the bumpers are within the controller’s housing and not popped out.


    Step #1
    Remove the 6 Phillips-head screws that hold the controller together.

    Step #2
    Locate the clips on each side of the OUYA controller that snaps the two sides together.

    With some gadgets you can often feel a slight swell in the plastic where the clips are, but my controller was flush. So, “CAREFULLY” use a thin flat-head and pry at the gaps to locate the clips and unclip them one at a time.

    Step #3
    Once both controller handles are unclipped you will hold it face side down and rotate the bottom portion up, once again CAREFULLY separate the final clip in the front center of the controller under the touchpad area.

    Now you can get into the meat of the controller; take a good look at the bumpers to make sure nothing obvious is obstruction their movement.

    Step #4
    If you need to proceed, remove the three Phillips-head screws and rotate the battery contacts and controller board up and rest it WITHOUT removing the ribbon.

    (DO NOT TURN THE TOP HOUSING UPSIDE DOWN) I didn't test it, but I imagine that you can push the OUYA buttons through so just rest it on the floor like in the earlier pic.

    Leave the D-Pad & OUYA Button pads in place and confirm they are still resting on top of the plastic lip that keeps the pads in place. If they are out of place, adjust them back into place otherwise your D-Pad and OUYA Buttons will not work.

    The smaller red circles are your L1 & R1 bumper switches; give them a press to confirm they go to a down state and then return to their up state. I don’t recall if the OUYA controller did this, but most switches make a clicking sound if they are working properly.

    Check the edges of the L1 & R1 Bumper to make sure the buttons are aligned properly and that the plastic edges aren’t being caught on anything.


    -Reseat the board back into the top housing of the OUYA controller.

    -Confirming once again that the OUYA Button and D-Pad pads are in place and line the L1 & R1 bumpers back up with their corresponding switches.

    -Once in place, secure it with the three screws removed earlier.

    -Next align the center clip near the touchpad again and slowly fold the two sections together. Be mindful of the battery contacts, these need to be seated back in their original position.

    -Once aligned gently clip the controller back together and test it with Controller Quest to confirm that all buttons are working. If it works, screw the last three Phillips-head screws in place and play something. If not, then take another look.

    ***Problem Areas***
    Aligning the top and bottom of the OUYA controller’s housing & clips
    Making sure the OUYA Button Pad and the D-Pads stay in place
    Make sure all clips are snapped back in place when you reassemble.

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    Excellent guide Chili! Thanks for posting it.
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    Thank you so much for posting this.
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    Excellent work, Chili.


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