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    (Apologies on the delay; it's been a busy week.)

    Thanks for the posts guys. I actually went ahead and ordered the Mojo a few days ago and just got it tonight (haven't even had the chance to take it out of the box yet.) Funny enough, even though I love the streamlined experience the OUYA offers, I'm kind of looking forward to the tinkering aspect of this thing now, for some reason.

    I can understand the Shield recommendation though, and best buy seems to be offering the 16gb version for $218 (with tax) now (it wasn't there when I ordered this one). I'm not sure I could have justified paying an extra $100+ for what I plan to use it for though. At the end of the day, this thing won't be much more than an emulation box for me, and I'm hoping it will do fine in that regard. I also didn't want to lose out on OUYA everywhere, so that's a small perk of going with the Mojo I guess.

    I think once I get it rooted, pair my PS3/PS4 pads with it, and figure out how to get rid of the infamous nav bar at the bottom of the screen, I'll be set.


    Wow, what a debacle this experience has been so far. Holy hell. I wasn't expecting to be impressed exactly, but I also wasn't expecting for it to be this terrible either.

    Firstly, the system wouldn't power on after I plugged it in initially. The LED was kind of visible but not very bright at all, and nothing would show up on the screen. After trying multiple different outlets, and unplugging and plugging the thing back in, it finally worked once I switched the CTRLR dongle to the 2.0 port. Once it came on, I started setting up everything but I noticed that every time I would aim the controller downwards a little (with the top of it facing towards the console) the mouse pointer movement got really slow and laggy -- pretty disappointing considering it takes a USB slot and it's supposed to be better than regular bluetooth.

    After finishing up, I decided to try swapping the USB ports again (CTRLR back to 3.0 and the HDD back to 2.0), which seemed to fix the controller lag. But once I started up the ePSXe emulator, it seemed to crash each time I tried going to my PSX rom folder. File Explorer would also crash each time I tried to open it. I then realized that the port itself must be defective. I guess I lucked out...

    (Don't even get me started on the interface flaws, christ.)

    So yeah, this was a gamble I made and lost. I'll be packaging it back up tonight and sending it back tomorrow for a refund. At this point, I'm not sure if I'm going to reconsider the Shield, or just call it a day. I might wait and see what they have in store for it on black Friday (if anything).

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    That sounds like some bad luck. Anyway, the Black Friday wait sounds like a good idea but it isn't just worth considering the Shield on the high end but also seeing how things go with the Mi Box on the low end depending on your needs which sounds like it comes down to cost and how much or well one of them can fill the need for an emulation box. There is also the possibility of an option not yet considered that you may discover by Black Friday. Black Friday is just too close to feel burned and/or regret for over paying.

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    Oh dear. This didn't happen to me, although I did have a bit of job figuring out how to get it to recognise the pad. You absolutely have to plug the CTRLR dongle into the USB 3.0 slot otherwise it's no good. Like I say, if you buy a separate pad it doesn't need the dongle. Crazy really...

    Sorry you had rotten luck here. I hate to say I told you so, but I did mention the interface. Many just don't like it at all, and I do get that.

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    Sorry for the Poor experience.

    Schitzo mentioned the Mi box... there are quite a few Android set top boxes that pretty much run vanilla Lollipop or Marshmallow many with 2GB ram and 16gb of storage. Any of these should run the Play store emulators without any issue.
    I keep looking and might pick one up eventually...after all they are advertised as Kodi set top boxes.

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    Yeah, maybe I shouldn't have given up so easily and opted for a replacement but meh. I don't think I'd ever be able to get over how un-controller-friendly that interface is. The whole experience felt like I was walking through wet cement. You did warn me though K-Project, heh.

    I'm a little embarrassed to admit it, but I ended up ordering the Shield off of Bestbuy. I know it would have been best to wait for black Friday, but I have a feeling they wouldn't have had the 16gb version as an option anyway (since it's never in stock anymore) and I'm not sure I can see them going lower than $250 on the 500gb version. I'd also like to have it for a trip out of town towards the end of next week. It's one of the few chances I'll have in awhile to really test out the multiplayer capability of the emulators on it, with friends. The OUYA plays PSX games pretty well solo, but it bogs down during multiplayer with graphically intensive games.

    I should be getting it on Wednesday, so I'll let you guys know how it works out .

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    Quote Originally Posted by SenVilan View Post
    I'm a little embarrassed to admit it, but I ended up ordering the Shield off of Bestbuy.
    Yeah, I feel kind of embarrassed that I chose the best Android TV console too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Schizophretard View Post
    Yeah, I feel kind of embarrassed that I chose the best Android TV console too.
    "best" is a little subjective. While I agree that the Shield is superior to the Forge in some areas...Best for me was Two controllers, half of my Purchased OUYA games for a device to use KODI at half the price.
    I am confidant that the Shield is not "Twice as good" at playing media.

    I still might a shield as my second TV android box if I don't end up getting a $60 Chinese model.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Schizophretard View Post
    Yeah, I feel kind of embarrassed that I chose the best Android TV console too.
    I was referring to caving on it now, rather than waiting for black Friday, but I see your point

    Edit: Well, just got my Shield, and wow, what an opposite experience from the Mojo! This thing oozes quality, and even the gamepad was much better than I expected. I didn't think I'd care for the d-pad on it (especially since the d-pad on the Nvidia Shield console that I used to have made a ton of "clicky" noises) but I have to say, this thing feels great. I might actually stick with it as my main controller, even with the emulators. It definitely deserves a trial run, if nothing else.

    My Shield also came with an unexpected (and quite pricey) surprise -- it had a Shield remote packed with it! I didn't pay for it or anything. I even double checked the invoice to make sure. I then thought that maybe BestBuy bundled them together as a special, but nope, nothing about it is stated in the description. Given that I only paid around $200, this ended up being quite a bargain. The remote is actually a bit superfluous for my needs, but as an included freebie, I can't complain .

    So far, so good. I'm updating it now so hopefully everything will work out just as well internally.


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