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    First 4-Player OUYA Game Announced - Yummy Circus

    Awesome news. There is a 4-player game coming to OUYA. It's called Yummy Circus. See tweet below from the developer!
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    YAY!!!! 4 player games, that's great. And i like puzzle games.

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    Fantastic, the more games I can play with the family the better!

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    Quote Originally Posted by AdyCarter View Post
    Fantastic, the more games I can play with the family the better!
    Same here !!
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  5. #5's 4 player tetris?

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    Looks more like a 4 player columns.

    Anyway, I'm the only one to find really weird that a 4 player game is announced while we have no idea of what developers will have to do to make Ouya work with 4 controllers ?

    I have a couple of 4 players ideas I want to do, but I won't even dreaming about starting any real work on them before I have the SDK in my hands and know how to make 4 controllers work...

    ... and also have 4 controllers at my hands for proper testing.

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    Oh man - going from this I would LOVE to see Sega Swirl find it's way to the OUYA! Unlikely, but would rock.
    Of course, if the OUYA isn't graced with Swirl, then this will certainly pique my interest for some time :-D

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    oh yeah!

    Puzzle game, hope that the game designer on ouya put a colorblind option on that!

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    Hmm. 4-player Tetris doesn't sound all that compelling to me, honestly. I'd try it out to be fair to the developers, though.

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    Honestly I think the more multiplayer games they make the better.


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