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    Quote Originally Posted by bakanekofr View Post
    Unfortunately, I've been working mostly on Project Light recently, so, not much progress have been made on Super Night Riders.

    The last thing I did was to update the project to Unity 5, around 1 month ago. Can't say much about the systems of the game, as it is just a prototype currently, I'm mostly testing and seeing how far I can go with Unity.
    I was reminded to check this thread when I posted in your Night Rider thread. I understand that Project Light is a bigger priority and you'll get no complaints from me. It's always good to get updates though.

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    Sorry for not updating this thread for a while. The project has quite changed since my last post.

    I've updated the first post with new shots.
    You can check out the official webpage for more informations:

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    Any thoughts on supporting Razer Forge or Android TV boxes in general?
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    This new version is made with Unity, so I'm planning to support most of the Unity target platforms, including Android, and Android TV too (The original Night Riders is already on Android TV).

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    great work, I'll buy it for PC
    If you don't try, you'll never know.

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    Thanks for your support!

    Updated post 1 with new screenshots. Check them out in fullscreen to see the new (optional) interlacing effect!

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    2,241 you have a test version for OUYA? I'd really like to try this out.

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    Nope, no demo available currently, sorry! The game's systems are not yet fully implemented anyway.

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    Low Poly trees and clouds get my thumbs up
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