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    [Racing] Super Night Riders (Now on Steam!)


    Super Night Riders is a 3D motorbike racing game inspired by 80's arcade classics.

    You are Alice, a beautiful blond girl known as the red rider. In this game, your position in the race does not matter, it's all about traveling the farthest possible while reaching each checkpoint before the timer go down to zero.

    The gameplay is fast and responsive similarly to the best 80's arcade racers, while the lowpoly 3D touch is inspired by the early 3D arcades.

    This game is a new and improved successor to Night Riders, which was released in July 2013 on PlayStation Vita, OUYA and Android.

    Any feedback will be much appreciated! Thanks


    Screenshots, click to zoom in:


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    I really like the way this looks, I'm definitely trying out the original tonight! Looking forward to see what is coming next!

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    Looks good!

    However it shows a more realistic feel, so the riders "old styled" and the 8 BIT font do not fit well with the scenery.

    Imho you could:

    1) give to the game a more retro-oriented feel (like in the old good VIRTUA RACING

    2) give the game a completely modern feel (like in the newcoming RIDE

    For a small indie dev, I'd suggest the point 1).
    It fits well with the "time attack" game mode seen on your first game, and OUYA will not manage to show many big textures that will slow down the engine.
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    Looks great ! Do not change the graphics. The riders look like toy models but that is fine. In this game, the players mainly stare at the road anyway. Now that you got the look, work hard on the gameplay. The game has to be at least as precise as the first opus when it comes to controls. Maybe adding some powerups (no weapons) could be fun.

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    Thanks everyone for your feedback.

    I don't think I will go for a realistic style for the riders. I might try to stylize the background too, maybe with a low-poly flat rendering such as the riders, but actually I do like how the current mixed style looks.

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    I like the graphic mixture.

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    Oh yeah! Now were talking! I love the original so this is a day one purchase for me. I think it would look awesome if you had sparks that fly off your knee when you are at full lean angle.
    Any thoughts on how crashes will look this time round too?

    How about a button that tucks the rider down so you can get that last bit of speed?
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    The sparks should be easy to implement. Did not decide yet how the crashes will work this time, but generally I'm still looking for a fast, arcade like experience.

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