Diesel Racer 2 has been released and is available on OUYA as a paid game for 1$.

Diesel Racer 2 is a 3D racing game. I think I really pushed the enevlop with the graphics(at least technical wise, not art wise).

The original scope of this game was supposed to be much larger, but I wanted a quick release.
At it's current state there are only 2 tracks.

There are still a ton of things I want to add improve in this game.
The most urgent ones is improving the sound and brining the fun drift marks to OUYA since I had some sort of performance issue with it.

The original story:
"A former illegal racing driver is living a peaceful life with her new family.
Until one day she has to race again for the same people who got her son into trouble.
The competition is young, the competition is fierce and the losers will die.
But she has no choice but to race for life."

That's about it.

I really need support and feedback. As a lone developer it's often hard to get feedback on my game.
Features I would like to add in the future:
  • More tracks.
  • Multiplayer.
  • Weapons and car upgrades.
  • Story mode.
  • Deathmatch arena.
  • And more...

The SlideDB page is over here.