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    Yeah, it's a pain but it is what it is.

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    Hey guys! So the OUYAp V2 is back on my desk! I just finished off the portable N64 I'd been working on for months now and shipped it off to my customer so now I can concentrate on getting this moving again. Still gonna be awhile before any real progress made due to the next few weekends being booked up, but at least it's back on the table!

    You can check out my site if you want to see what's been taking up all my free time for the past 5 months. Downing's N64p Commission

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    And just like that...delayed again. Someone else has commissioned me for a paying job for another N64p.

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    $1500 says otherwise...

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    It's not really that much to be all honest. $500 in parts alone (I only use the good stuff) and probably 60 to 80 hours worth of work that'll go into it. Break it down and it doesn't have the same impressive feel. hehe. About $12.50/hr.

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    Awesome, but you do realize you're making an tablet without touch that has an controller addon??

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