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    Nothing now, I've already made the changes and printed the part so I'm gonna give it a go the way I have it now.

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    Hey guys,

    Time for a small progress update.

    So I had a bit of a back track I'm afraid as I took a chance with a new component and it didn't work to my liking and I was forced to make some changes that weren't in the original design. Basically, I had a lot of micro tact switches that I'd been holding onto for a while and because they were so low profile, they would have been perfect for this application. However, as it turned out they made far too loud of a "click" when pressed and the tactile feedback just wasn't consistent with what one would expect to feel when using a gaming controller. This forced me to hack my PCBs that I had custom made to take the old trusty TL-9000 rubber tipped tact switches. These unfortunately have a much thicker profile and all my nice 3D printed buttons and the PCBs had to be modified. So, I did this because I don't have the time to redesign the PCBs and the casing. Yes, the casing would have to be altered as well because the height the tact switches were based on were much lower. Lesson learned for the next time.

    It's an ugly hack and I hate doing this kind of thing, but make due with what you have and make the adjustments for the next go around.

    And this pic shows the front half with the screen protector now milled to size. My original cut was slightly too big so I sanded until it fit, took a new measurement for the part and then resized & re-cut to fit. I haven't taken the protective layers off of this yet though as it's a crystal clear polycarbonate materia, but it get's finger prints on it very easily.

    So anyway, that's where I'm at right now and finding the time to work on it has been tough with the holidays and the baby. But it's getting there and hopefully within the next month or so I'll be able to button this one up. Keep you updated as I get there.

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    You are getting there. Keep up the good work and take care of the wife and child.
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    Why do you make some little vblogs about your development progress? It will interesting

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    Thanks guys. Not much of a Vblogger as my voice acting and thinking on the fly skills really aren't there. hehe. I figure since I do a quick synopsis of the whole project in my finished project videos, that pretty much covers it.

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    Looks awesome Downing - Keep it up.

    I really want to own one of these

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    it reminds me the Wii U Gamepad.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Outlander999 View Post
    it reminds me the Wii U Gamepad.
    Really...because it has two parallel control sticks? That's the only similarity I can come across that makes this anywhere near a Wii U controller. Look at my first version of this, that looks like a Wii U.

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    Wow, this is really cool!

    Will this have more than the OUYA's 8 GB memory? Will there be an internal USB flash drive or hard drive? I didn't see this mentioned.

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    Quote Originally Posted by chicgamer View Post
    Wow, this is really cool!

    Will this have more than the OUYA's 8 GB memory? Will there be an internal USB flash drive or hard drive? I didn't see this mentioned.
    Thanks! Glad you like it! No, this is just going to use the standard OUYA mobo that one would get right off the shelf and the 8 gig version is what I'm using for this. It's also going to have just the standard USB port so you can connect your thumb drive to it like you would a normal OUYA for ROMs and side loading.

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