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    Downing's OUYA Portable V2

    So as a few of you know, for the past close to 6 months now, I've been in production of new OUYA portable console. It is without a doubt the most complex project I've ever done and I've been doing so with a variety of new tools and fabrication techniques.

    In September, I got my first 3D printer which has helped a huge amount with this, and on top of that, combining CNC, multiple materials and custom circuitry, are all rolling into one of the best projects of my life.

    The case work is 90% done, I just got done painting the parts today and now I'll be able to start assembling the parts as I go. Every part on this has been designed, printed, CNC'd or otherwise custom made. But the big kicker that's going to set this apart from any other mod out there is going to remain a secret, at least until the I'm ready to reveal the finished unit.

    Because I knew I'd be doing a 3D printed case, I decided that I'd go with a modular approach to making the casing. Milling out the front face ensures accuracy and finer cuts than a 3D printer would make. This also saved time and material over a 3D printed face because there was zero filling/sanding that was involved with this piece.

    In total, there are 7 pieces that make up this casing. Each one tied into the main bracket in some way. 5 pieces make up the back side and two complete the front side.

    The center piece here was supposed to originally be made from Aluminum, but my machine couldn't handle the size and to get it done on it's own was almost $300 from a machine shop. So, scratched that idea, but once you see the back complete, you'll know what I was going for.

    So, now that the cat is outta the bag, I plan to use this as my work log thread so major updates will have a place to be seen on a regular basis. So stay tuned guys! More pics and more building is on the way!

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    Whoa awesome... can't wait to see the finished product

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    5.6 Inch, 720p. Gonna be pretty sharp.

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    Schweet! Definitely going to be watching this.
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    How many Fans you put on this portable device?

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    your work is incredible man!
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    Thanks guys. No Fan tozeleal, I've got a plan for a bigger heat sink than the original.

    Case is painted and sealed. Still have some touch up to do but it's getting there.

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    And... There is a overheat risk??? Im really scared

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    Quote Originally Posted by tozeleal View Post
    And... There is a overheat risk??? Im really scared

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    My tegra 3 tablet hardly gets warm even when running psp emulator and I know the thing is pegged.
    Granted ouya has a more powerful fully powered version of the tegra 3 but there are devices with SOC's more powerful than the tegra 3 with no fan and my ouya doesn't seem to throw off that much heat either and I keep it on 24/7
    As long as his heatsink has enough surface area to disperse the heat it will be fine.

    He mentioned he has a CNC machine so he could potentially mill a block of aluminum in the shape of his case for a heat sink.

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