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    The rejected it again last night, same reason.

    To be honest I'm pretty disappointed in the support I have gotten off them. After the first rejection I emailed them asking for steps to reproduce, they replied "tester removed all players with controller". (email was more padded than this )

    When I submitted again I mentioned the issue and asked for detailed steps if it happened. Again pretty much got the same as above.

    I'm sitting down at my desk now to step through the code and figure out what is causing the exit. I've tested removing players a lot of times and have never once seen the issue they describe, so i guess i kind of need to work backwards. See is there anything that would cause the game to crash if active players were 0

    Was surprised the review time was so long as well, I submitted last Saturday and it wasn't reviewed til Friday night. Now any new changes I make won't be review til next week some time.

    On a different note, man the steam greenlight community are a tough crowd

    I also made a new website for the game, my friend bought so once he points that to my server that's where it will live. Let me know what you think. I'll add in some Ouya stuff on it once its released.

    EDIT: Whoops, i might have mis-read the email last night. They did bring up the removing all players issue, but as a note.

    The controller support not working on the Moga is what it was rejected for
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    Tell them you don't care about the Moga..... Why is it part of their review process that you support controllers they don't support.

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    The Moga is a controller that you connect to a tablet/phone, right? Why would you use a controller with this game if you have a touchscreen?

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    There is a checkbox when you are submitting a game asking do you support Moga.

    I just said I'd check it as there is very little controller interaction at all. But then I added controller support and forgot to uncheck it

    I have integrated with the OUYA sdk now so it should support whatever devices they officially support.

    I hesitantly submitted it for re-review, as I still haven't gotten any further with the other issue, but lets see what happens. I included a link to what I see when I perform that test

    Here is hoping

    I've also put a promo video on vimeo to be included with the listing

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