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With the content flow increasing for submitted things this naturally means a lot of new games & applications to experience which is good. However, it's becoming more common to come across something submitted to Discover that is bug-ridden amongst other things over the course of time so if you experience anything that's not normal within a game or application then please make a detailed post about it in the respective thread so that the developer(s) may be aware of the issue(s) so they can work on a fix if they're on OUYAForum. The next step you should do is private message me by filling out a message here with a detailed report about the issue(s) along with how to replicate it if possible so I can send it straight to OUYA Incorporation's QA Team's lead.

Why do I want to make a report of this in the respective thread?:

Let's take a look at a game called Legend Dary which was released as a premium title. The game had intrigued the community but the premium pay-model was stopping people from purchasing it, so I decided to give it ago which resulted in this review. The game was pulled thanks to my feedback but prior to that brief window when it wasn't I had informed everybody on the forum via the review itself and posting in the Legend Dary thread to stop people from purchasing the game. I even locked the thread because I just had to protect the community's well-being.

The point is to make it widely known when a game is problematic in any way, shape, or form to protect other members. The sooner you report something the more likely you just saved someone from burning their money with premium games like Legend Dary being public enemy number one to many. It also allows developers to work on a fix regardless if their game gets pulled so if the game has potential to you then it would be prudent of you to inform them.

Why do I want to report to you?:

I can (and will) report things that are worthy of reporting to the QA Team at OUYA Incorporate. Giving me a detailed report and how to replicate the issue(s) if possible will make the removal of the problematic game/application in question very swift which will help you, me, the community, and the QA Team. It benefits everybody to be as informative and as fast as possible.

I reported something but it didn't get pulled. What's the deal?:

Look, the open submission policy and the lenient guidelines means that a lot of things can't be pulled regardless of what "issues" you may come across. Things like only being able to control High Flyer Death Defyer's main menu with the touch-pad may seem like something worth justifying a pull but it isn't. That's not to say that there aren't a lot of things worthy of pulling so here is what you can go by. Anything that's in the required category should be what you're focusing on with recommended just being another word for optional.

From here:
I'm making this message to remind everyone here that you no longer have to walk into buying an OUYA game that you end up regretting because of a premium pay-model, the unlocked content that isn't worth the price, or anything else like it being a broken mess. We, the OUYAForum Staff are here at your disposal and will review a game upon request with prioritizing by demand. I have reviewed Unearthed: Trail of Ibn Battuta and Legend Dary with the latter getting pulled by OUYA Incorporation's Quality Assurance Team thanks to my feedback. We can do the same for other games if you believe they're bad from a hands-on perspective or just eyeballing what's available to see on its respective details page. The console is no longer about freeing the games but we'll damn sure make our opinions heard at no expense to anyone.

Here is an example of what games that are on our list:

- [Upon Release] Quantic Pinball by RiotingSpectre.
- [Undecided] Speed Rush by Kaimega.
- [In Progress] Pier Solar HD by DrunkPunk.

Again, this is just an example as there's more behind the curtains. We prefer reviewing games that are controversial or new if not both but we'll do anything upon request. Prioritizing will be based on personal feelings by the individual Staff member(s) taking on the review along with the amount of demand a particular game has. If you'd like your game reviewed or have a game someone else made reviewed then private message OUYAForum Staff. We'll do our best to inform with the facts laid out as strongly as we give back to the community in the form of contests for their continued support for