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    I was thinking the same thing to get free shipping. A good thing to know about the Ouya is that you need an encoder for each player for them to show up as separate controllers and work for multiple players in Ouya games.. Even with the xin-mo 2 player encoder the ouua sees both as one device and assigns one ontroller spot. One can be used for multiple players in some of the emulators though.

    You can enter passcodes on the OUYA if you go into advanced settings and then Bluetooth and connect your device that way.
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    I ordered an iCade Cabinet for my iPad, when it comes in I'll try to sync with the OUYA, test it out and share the results. If it works I'll be ordering the Core.

    An even better deal is the Duo Pinball for iPad ($3.39 on Amazon), it uses Bluetooth too.

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    I bought Hori's Fighting Stick VX (the 360 edition) because it was the cheapest I could pick up at that time and it did not only work good both for fighters and shooters, it also works with the OUYA.
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    I bought Reyann arcade encoder zero delay, but it does not work at all with ouya.

    Is it possible to connect the buttons an djoystick-wires to an i-pac board ( instead of the Reyann? Will they be compatible with Ouya as well?

    I want to build a cabinet, but i am unsure of which sticks to get as i want to be able to control Ouya-games with them as well!


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