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    Royal Heroes by FGL Indie Showcase

    Killswitch presents...ANOTHER KICKSTARTER PROJECT!

    This time it's

    Welcome, my Lord, to the cursed kingdom. A land plagued by black magic and creatures that crawl out of the darkness. Once this was a great kingdom. It could be great again. That's all up to you. Enter the world of Royal Heroes - a strategy game set in a world of fantasy and adventure.

    Hire an army of legendary heroes and battle vast waves of monsters. Destroy your enemies on the battlefield. Purge all evil from your land. Construct your castle. Craft weapons. Spend your loot wisely. Rule your kingdom.

    This is Royal Heroes. Welcome to your kingdom, and good luck. You'll need it.

    Royal Heroes is a game coming to OUYA, Windows, Mac, Linux, iOs, and Android (Samsung, Nook, Kindle). It features exploration, discovery, crafting, collecting, army management and real time combat in 'Majesty'(non-direct) style. It’s bound to be at least as enjoyable as potato salad.

    Our team has over 60 games under our belts, but this is only our second Pixel-Art game. Originally, we licensed part of the art from Majesty, but we found that had its limitations. Now we are looking to create our own art assets. This will allow us to make the game bigger, better, and more fun than ever!

    The heart of this game is its Heroes. Each has his or her own story, different abilities, skills, attacks and equipment. Build a completely different army every time you play! Even identical hero types can have different character traits and skills.

    Some things you’ll be able to do in the game:
    • Visit the Tavern - You will find heroes to enlist in your army. Buying a round or two of brew for the whole tavern may help.
    • Build a Blacksmith Refinery for a famous Dwarf - Test his claim of 100 recipes for different weapons and armor.
    • Restore the Library - Write down your knowledge of new Monsters and their Bosses. Defeat each Boss - Claim every reward.
    • Repair the old Barracks for a new Army - You will need more space to accommodate all your heroes and their squads.
    • Explore The Map - Over 100 enemy camps are marked for battle. You will find loot and construction materials for your new Castle.
    • Crafting - Build new items for your heroes. Discover new weapons and armor by combining loot from spoils of war.

    For more:

    There is only 60 hours left to get in on this one.

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    The official thread is here.


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