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    Controller Monitor

    For those of us that run alternative launchers, it can be a headache to power on the device only to see our controllers are no long paired with the OUYA. As your OUYA stares at you with the blank, "Hi, I'm Tom" expression, you then have to get a keyboard or mouse and then try to navigate your way to the pairing menu. Well folks, that will no longer be needed with this app installed on your device.

    Controller Monitor is a tiny service that monitors your OUYA for a connected controller for a configurable amount of time after boot. If a controller is linked to the OUYA before the timeout period then the application exits with not even a whisper. However, if you do not have a controller connected, the service will the start the pairing screen for you and you can then pair your estranged controller as needed. This application also attempts to power on the bluetooth adapter during each cycle, just in case you get one of those odd boots that does not turn on your bluetooth adapter by default.

    "But I did not need to pair my controller, I was just slow to get to it", you say. Well that is fine, just turn on the controller and press (A) to exit the pairing screen as usual.

    [ ControllerMonitor ]

    Controllers Known to be detected by this application
    (This means these controllers will properly prevent the pairing menu from auto starting after the allotted time.)

    • PS3 Controllers
    • Logitech USB Controllers
    • Phillips USB Controllers

    Right now the application is in Beta, fully functional with a static time out of 3 minutes. I just wrote this tonight so the configurable part is soon to come. If you wish to try it out, and I really hope some of you do, then please email/pm/im me and I'll get you the password for the zip file. This will likely be a beerware application once it is finished btw and never hit the OUYA store. ;D

    If you don't know how to extract a zip file, check out 7-zip.

    Change Log:
    See the app's wikipage
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    How To Test

    1) Install the application, do not forget to run the Controller Monitor application at least once to set the timeout and ensure the service is installed. Again, you do not NEED to do anything in the app other than launch it and then press (A) to leave it.

    2) To ensure the service is running completely power down the OUYA and power it back on, with out any controllers plugged in and none of the wireless controllers powered on. Wait the prescribed time, again you can change this in the application, but by default it is 3 minutes. Do note that this is 3 minutes from the time the OUYA is completely booted. it should then take you to the pairing screen. If you are not taken to the pairing screen from here please let me know as something is wrong.

    3a) For wireless devices, completely power down the device and then turn it back on. Turn on the controller and see if the pairing screen still comes on. If it does please jot the controller make down so we can track it.

    3b) For wired devices, completely power down the OUYA, plug in the controller and turn the OUYA. See if the pairing screen comes on. If it does please jot the controller make down so we can track it.

    The reason I need this is each controller has a specific controller ID, currently I am just searching for the word "controller", but this may not be enough for all of them.
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