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    As a kid i was never hooked by Asterix. Yet i`m quiet interested in it now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pat1986 View Post
    As a kid i was never hooked by Asterix. Yet i`m quiet interested in it now.
    I've collected the Italian version of all the 36 volumes which have been published so far, as I declared this intention in this very thread some time ago. Quite a brilliant reading, the huge culture of the authors shows throughout all their works. Worth it

    By the way I chose the wrong word for that Mickey dressed as Asterix: it is more a tribute than a crossover, since that "Mickix" (Topolinix in the original, as Topolino is the Italian name for Mickey) never meets the original Gauls, but they are mistaken for them by the Romans (and by some boars). Asterix and his fellow Gauls live in a village nearby theirs. I'll add that I would have seen Donald as a Disney counterpart for Asterix due to the declared admiration of Uderzo for Carl Barks; nevertheless it was a good story.
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    Whenever I buy something I really like. I really show to them off to my love ones or friends, not to brag but to share my happiness with them.


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