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    About This Section.


    We (the OUYAForum Staff) have already begun the process of making reviews for These reviews merely contain our personal opinion about their respective content and are not meant to be taken as anything other than something OUYAForum Staff does for fun. If we find something that isn't worth purchasing then it's not out of anything we consider in indisputable facts and instead our personal opinion. We always leave the final verdict in the eyes of the beholder which is the viewer in this case. With that said we hope you enjoy the reviews and if you have any requests then feel free to private message any of us or respond in one of our review threads.

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    Member game reviews added

    Member and Staff Reviews. The staff reviews were a trial run since people claimed they wanted our opinions. You got our opinions and for the most part, it seemed like everyone was okay with it so we’ve expanded the section to allow member reviews. But there are a few caveats as we can’t just let anything and everything be posted there. Member reviews will be reviewed by a member of the staff before they are approved. If you do not see your review within 48 hours or have not received a PM about it then send a PM to my attention and I will get to you on why it’s not posted or if for some reason it just got lost in the shuffle. Click here to send a PM to Killswitch

    Thank you


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