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    I think you went backwards man, beta then alpha??
    Anyway, looks like you've been working on it and looks like it's getting better in terms of art and some of the movement.

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    we had the first version and we thought we had a beta almost ready to be released, but eventually we realized the truth.... there is no spoon...

    i mean, that there were still a lot of room for improvement, so we moved back to alpha.

    now we are happy with the looks, the artists have done a great job, i think this game looks much better that many games that are out there in the market today.... i hope somebody buy it ...

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    Nice. The font size still looks a little small. Looking forward to this - do you have a target release date?

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    target release date was november 2014... we are little late xD.

    we are working hard to release in June.
    but it seems we are going to miss that target tooo...

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    if anybody still follow this trhead
    this is the newest version of the game.

    let me know what you think!!!!

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    Good trailer. The game is looking very good.

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    I would play it.

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    wow... i was so sleepy lastnight that i posted the wrong link!!!

    i was supposed to post an apk with the first level of the game.

    but now my nephew found a bunch of bugs... so i better fix them and the reupload the apk before show it to you...

    thanks for your words anyway, and thats not the final trailer, its a "placeholder" we are still working on it.


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