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    good indie games recently played

    In the last months, I played some really good games.

    METAL DEAD, a 2D point-and-click old style adventure with humor and zombies. Great fun!

    DON'T LOOK BACK and VVVVVV by Terry Cavanagh, the first is a bidimensional action adventure with sad atmosphere. VVVVVV is one of the best platform games of last years.

    HOTLINE MIAMI, a frustrating, visually ugly but stylish and attractive top-down action. Great '80 atmospheres, fantastic musics.

    DEADLIGHT, a great "Another World-like" bidimensional adventure, into a zombie apocalypse

    DEAD PIXELS, stupid action zombie shooter. Fun if played with friends

    Atcually I'm playing OIO on Desura, is a great platform with original elements.

    (Technically, all of them could be ported on OUYA without problems.... maybe Deadlight could need a rework)
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    This is one reason I'm excited for OUYA, ability to port PC games to the TV. I've never been a PC guy and now I'll get to play at least a few of these smaller games on PC that people talk about!

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    Well I really love Knytt Underground. The art style is fantastic:

    I emailed the developer and he said he reall would like to port to ouya but right now he does not have anyone with the knowledge or time to do so

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    CraftFighter is an indie game created by CubixGames and I love it, the game is made with program called CraftStudio.

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    FTL is a great game. I wish it allowed me to play without having to be chased in just a simulation environment though.

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    I played's a TRIP!!!! Very polished game

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    I'm playing CHIVALRY: MEDIEVAL WARFARE, and...that's fantastic!!!

    Multiplayer cooperative/competitive first person "shooter", with medieval style and medieval weapons instead of guns. good game!

    (I play it on Steam, my pc is an i5 750 with Geforce GTX 670)

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    Cave Story (Doukotsu). I hope it comes to OUYA.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Magnesus View Post
    Cave Story (Doukotsu). I hope it comes to OUYA.
    It definitively should, works like a charm with a gamepad

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    Quote Originally Posted by EnderRawr View Post
    CraftFighter is an indie game created by CubixGames and I love it, the game is made with program called CraftStudio.
    One of the artists on our team (Pixel-Boy) did the art for that game, he'll be stoked to see you like it!


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