Okay guys,

It worked with me, maybe can help someone else. I've bought Ouya 8gig model two months ago, and while my controller is almost all the time perfect, sometimes (rarely) lag appears, and once it appears, it becomes frequent during the playtime.

So i decided to make a test. I've turned off my controller ingame (you can pause the game before it, then double press the controller U-System button), and right after that, i've turned it on (just press once controller's U-System button). And guess what: almot a perfect success. Why almost... Sometimes when controller cames back to normal, after sometime it lags again (usually when it happens, the lag reappears after a good amount of time). If so, it's just a matter of repeating the process. And all is great again.

Lemme know what happens to you, when doing that. For me it was a savior!