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    I hope Team OUYA & Razer puts in the community feature, would be EPIC

    edit: im trying out your guys lvls right now, with like 7 kids here
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    Hey guys, thanks for the great levels, you've inspired me to make some of my own, which I thought I would share. Some cause the selection screen to flip upside down, think this is due to the size but they work fine once you also select one that flips the screen back. I know this thread is old and maybe dead but I'm new to duck game and me and the kids are really enjoying it. On a note about putting the level files on your ouya, I've always found root explorer (also a free version called explorer) great as you can add Google drive as a file system tab and just select the files from there and drop them into /sdcard0/duckgame/levels

    Anyway here's the levels enjoy

    P.S. how do you take screenshots on the ouya?

    Updated some of the levels to flow better and added some new ones.
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