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    Sorry for the super late updates.

    Tab systems now work exactly and even more modular as I hoped. Here are a couple of screenshots:

    Now I'm going to start working on one of the hardest tasks, the Object and Room editor systems.

    I also have a new GratiPay page up for anyone interested in helping fund this project.

    The plan is to release the project free and charge for modular updates.

    Gratipay accepts very small payments, but they have to be continuous weekly.

    A 50 cent donation per week can go a long way and if anyone interested can give something like that on average I will be able to keep working on this to go beyond just the basic needs I have for myself as a game developer.

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    Here is some video footage.

    Sorry for the frame rate, I was using camstudio instead of FRAPS or BANDICam.

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    The public alpha is now available.

    Version 0.1.1 is windows only at the moment.

    Please note, you can't save/load projects or export resources/apps yet.

    Download link is

    Full Blog Post can be found here.

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    Can't wait for you to get an exporter working this looks awesome.

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    Thanks have you tried it yet?

    I'm looking for feedback in all ways.

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    Got interviewed by Nintendo Enthusiast. Read on now at

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    Tons of updates and we actually launched on Version 1.0.1[Free & Deluxe Editions]

    We are now on Steam Greenlight.

    Please upvote it and show some support.

    Please note OUYA/Razor support is planned for future versions of the exports.

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    Congrats man! I hope it rolls on
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    Rock on, glad to see you still at it!
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    Thank you.

    I wonder how the future of OUYA/Razor will be. I hope by the time I get android port working its still going strong.


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