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    Game Music Composer / Musician Reporting In!

    Hello everyone!

    I am Kodakami a music composer / musician / arranger with some 8 years experience working with game developers, primary in the RPG Maker circuit, though recently I did music for my first Android/iOS title. I was referred here by Rhellik off of the /r/OUYA subreddit after my friend Ariolander made a post looking for an OUYA related community to try to connect me to some OUYA devs and possibly leave my RPG Maker comfort zone.

    If you want to see some of the work I have done in game music Ario also helped me put together an internet Curriculum Vitae which includes a portfolio, previous projects/roles and details on my skillset. Needless to say most of my experience are with RPGs but I have done Horror, Retro, and Puzzle games before and am always looking to grow as a musican and explore new genres!

    Beyond game music "for fun" I do a lot of work with Vocaloid. Most of which you can find on my YouTube account Kodakami2. I am not sure if singing robots are your thing but I enjoy it. Even mixed a bit of work with play when I had a singing robot in the Ad Lucem Theme singing some fake Latin back when fake Latin was all the rage in the RPG Maker community back in 2010.

    Anyways I hope to hear from some of you in the future. I assure my my rates are reasonable, RPG Maker games aren't known for their incredible budgets after all.

    Contact me (PM here or on my site) for additional details or if you have any other questions or concerns.
    Check out my portfolio @
    I don't do game music on the side, video game music is ALL that I do!

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    Welcome to the forum! Glad you could make it.
    Hope you can find some projects to collaborate on here.

    I like your work, I'm sure if someone is in need of some music work, they will contact you.
    I would, if I needed some at the moment. ^^
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