Rules for the OUYA Euro Devkit Giveaway

The Aim:

To design a game to be made exclusively for the OUYA console by the entrant(s) proposing that design.

The Prize:

An Ouya Developer Kit with which to make the proposed game

The Winner:

Will be voted for by members of the


Must contain no more than 500 words in plain text or basic forum bbcode in English

Must contain a maximum of either:
3 images
1 video (max length 2 minutes)

(I.e. if you have a video, no images)

Must be submitted as reply to the entries thread before 11pm GMT on 14th February 2013. Any submissions made after this time will not be eligable for the vote

Must contain 100% original content (i.e. be a new game), and not infringe on any third party copyright or intellectual property. All entrants grant non-exclusive rights to publish any and all materials supplied as part of the submission

Submissions will be posted together in a single thread in a first-submitted, first-posted order for viewing prior to voting

Once a submission is made, it must not be edited except to correct spelling errors or broken hyperlinks

Only one submission per person/team

Voting Rules:

Votes can be cast by any member of the in a separate voting/poll thread to be created after submissions close

Strictly one vote per person. Any person judged by the owners of to have voted twice will have both votes discounted

The poll will close at 1pm GMT on the 16th February 2013. Any votes made after this time will not be counted

Pending a judgement by owners of as to the fairness and validity of the poll, the submission with the most votes will win the prize. In regard to the fairness and validity of the poll, the owners' decision will be final.

In the event of a tie, a tiebreaker poll will be held at the owners' of 's discretion.


The competition is aimed at European developers, but since lots of teams have members spread all over the world and working remotely with each other, we ask that at minimum, the largest by head count component of the team be based in Europe (and have a European shipping address to where the prize will be delivered). Basically we don't want whoever wins to just ship the prize abroad as the first thing they do

Entrants (or their close associates) must not canvas support for their entry in the accompanying discussion thread, nor any other part of the message board. They are allowed to answer questions posed by others and clarify any parts of their design / proposal. Additionally, entrants must not diminish, attack or otherwise attempt to cast doubt and derision upon other entrants and/or their submissions. reserves the right to disqualify any entrants and/or their submissions that do not abide by the above terms or spirit of the contest