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    Thanks for sharing, Riot. It makes sense, to the point where you wonder why you didn't realize that before.

    Instead of having both a listed download size and how much you need to download and install the game, I think I prefer the idea of your OUYA telling you that, although you have the space to download the game, you don't have enough to install it. This check would happen before the download. Then there could be an option on the box that says something like "Read more" and that gives a more in-depth explanation.

    I think it's less of an issue of having people do math as it is that people are left confused about why it's happening at all, and it sort of comes off as a waste of time for them to try to download it and then it's unsuccessful, especially if it is a bigger game and/or they have a slower connection.

    But that's my opinion on it.

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    So, is the reason something like downloading 22MB even with Ethernet feels like it is downloading much slower than downloading 22MB on my computer over WIFI because my OUYA isn't really downloading 22MB?

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    Different Android app sites display different general info about an app / game. As I'm sure you've seen, some will display download size AND recommended storage space for installation.

    This is a big issue, especially if your into side-loading, lol.

    And no.. the ouya does not (or the game provider) give any recommendations about needed storage, other than the basic apk storage requirements.

    Some of these games top at 700 to 800 MB. Ha ha .. time to buy me a good hard drive!

    (Dreamcast is killin' me on thumb-drive storage, ha!).


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