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    Duck Game - Landon Podbielski

    It's DUCK GAME! This is a 2-4 player local multiplayer deathmatch game with fast but fair gameplay and tons of levels and guns!
    Some stats:

    • 40+ unique weapons with different play styles
    • 50+ levels with different twists
    • Dozens of hats, allowing you to accessorize and express your duck
    • Level Editor in case you get bored and want more levels



    Wonderful ouyaforum CHAMP Killswitch has also got some good info together!

    About the future of the game, and why you may want to buy it even before the demo comes out:
    • Single player is coming.
    • Online multiplayer is planned also.
    • There are over 4 hours of video
    • There are multiple reviews
    • A demo is coming in a few weeks

    And some reading/watching:
    Twitch Stream #1
    Twitch Stream #2
    Review #1
    Review #2
    Youtube Review #1
    Comment #1

    Also, this just in a new review by RetroGamerCD from!

    So go check it out eh?
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    Congratulations on a cool looking game. I will be purchasing it very soon. QUACK!

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    Congratulation on being OUYA Incorporation's new "hot thing"

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    Looking forward to single player or friends who game! Whichever comes first!

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    Quote Originally Posted by superjoebob View Post
    Wonderful ouyaforum CHAMP Killswitch has also got some good info together!
    Just wanted to make sure everyone had all the info. The landscape has changed and we have to also.
    Thanks for the quality game, will be purchasing even though I have to wait to fully enjoy it.

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    Conquackulations to this masterpiece!! Thank you for your hard work its really appreciated Landon.

    edit: hahaha found this pick just now


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    Great to see such positive reviews for this, congratulations on its release !
    I'm really looking forward to single player, goodluck with its continued development ^^.

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    I have some sort of problem, really weird! On multiplayer game the floor, it's not present or somethng like that. My ducks falls always. Any idea what colud it be??? I've tried to move to usb unnistall the game. but it persist. Please someone help me!!

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    @Warzord those pics are awesome also I MUST READ THIS COMIC

    @Korben_Dallas that's really weird! Is it with a custom map, or is it on all the maps?

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