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    Beta Testers needed please

    I have a game that I made and I feel as if I got all the bugs worked out of it, but I have enough worked out to feel it can be released to beta. So for your butchering enjoyment. here it is: "A Waste of Time"

    I hope this part works but: Bug Report Here

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    Any clues as to what it's about?
    Just a dev without a hoodie
    / )

    Download "Don't Flip Out" to your OUYA now!
    Download "Joe" direct to your OUYA!

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    My version of whack-a-mole. The description is kind of written in the instructions.

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    An updated beta for you all: A Waste of Time Beta 2
    Improved graphics for menu
    Removed flashing "U" button graphic on instructions

    And an appropriate bug reporting form: webpage

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