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    Neon Shadow - An old school multiplayer FPS released! [OUYA Create Jam]

    UPDATE: Neon Shadow will be on the OUYA store on October 29th!

    UPDATE (Sept 9 2013): We are moving into final production, fixing bugs and polishing up. Sit tight folks it'll be ready soon!

    UPDATE (Jun 7 2013): We have just announced that Neon Shadow is being developed into a full title for OUYA. We will be posting updates as we approach release.

    We've just submitted a build of our game Neon Shadow to the OUYA create game jam event. It's a frantic old school first person shooter where you can play deathmatch with your friends, split screen and online!

    Here is the official entry page:

    If you're lucky enough to already have an OUYA available, you can download the APK here and give it a go!

    If you don't have access to an OUYA then you can still try out the game in your browser right now here:

    Here's a video we recorded last night of us playing 4 player split screen hooked up to a projector!

    We've had a blast creating Neon Shadow so we'd love to hear what you think!

    Official Thread Is Here.
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    Interesting. How are you handling aiming with analoge sticks?

    Couple of things I noticed, note that I played for less than a minute, it's doing the classic Unity thing of having "sticky" corners. Being a long time Quake-r I'm used to edging around levels not really looking in the direction of travel. You kind of get a mental map. Getting caught on the edge of a corner is most annoying (IMO)

    Funnily enough I'm putting together an FPS in Unity myself (I'm not a developer) and it does the same thing in mine.

    Also there doesn't seem to be any feedback to the player that you're doing damage. I like some kind of noise/visual cue that you hit someone, like the noise in Quake 3 or the reticule in BF3

    Will have a longer play when I get a chance, FPSing isn't conducive to an office environment

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    Thanks for the feedback!

    We're doing the standard FPS console controls - left stick moves / strafes and right stick aims. There's an option to invert the y-axis on the aim as some people prefer to play this way. We also added a 'look spring' which pulls the y-axis back to the horizon when you move for a while without aiming to help people who struggle a bit with the console controls.

    We will look into some of the issues that you described. We are planning to make a second release with a bit more polish at the end of the month for the challenge

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    I love the 4-player split screen option! I'm really looking forward to it!
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    Hell yeah, OUYA needs games like this. Looking forward to playing when it gets fully released.

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    Man I loved split screen games in college with roommates, the best trash talking ensued and we all loved it. Reminds me of TimeSpllitters......ahh so sad that it hasn't had an HD remake or a release of TimeSplitters 4. But for real this looks really simple and since I only play with my former roommates online nowadays, really like the online option as well. Will be looking forward to see how this games develops

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    Thanks for the feedback guys! We have another video for you guys so you can see the online multiplayer in action. Remember you can go play the game in your browser right now if you follow this link:

  8. #8 recently contacted me for an interview about Neon Shadow and its development. You can read my answers to their questions about inspirations for the game and our future plans here:

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    I just tested it with the web player. Really good work!

    Will you release bigger maps in the final?
    Also with more space to the top (stairs or jumping?)

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    Is this game going to have updates?


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